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Core Team

Core Team

The Hawaii Pacific Energy Group HPEG is committed to providing the best possible services, engineering and renewable energy technologies to its clients and the communities in which we work and live. To meet its mandate of implementing sustainable and socially responsible projects, the company also has retained a core team of professional (licensed) engineers and experts in project implementation and management, in solar energy, wind energy, hydro-electricity, waste-to-energy technologies, in rural development, capacity building, institutional strengthening, and social development, and economists.

Roland Wong, P.Eng. - Manager, Waste-to-Energy Development

Roland is a professional engineer with over 35 years experience and has advanced over five clean energy demonstration projects from conception to implementation and monitoring. Since 1999 his professional experienced has focused mainly on climate change technology dissemination, evaluation of clean energy technologies such as waste-to-energy, biomass energy, hydroelectric, wind, solar power, energy-efficient practices and technologies, energy-efficient transportation, environmental assessments, estimation of GHG emissions and reductions, Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects, and formulation and implementation of climate change investment projects on behalf of the United Nations Development Program, the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and German Technical Assistance (GTZ) in several Asian and European countries. He previously served as Manager of Project Development for Access Energy Technologies (AET), the developer of the EnvirOcycler waste-to-energy technology. Currently, he is the president of Clean Energy Alternatives Inc., whose primary focus is on promoting and easing the transfer of technology from technologically advanced nations to other countries worldwide by innovating, packaging, and creating awareness of alternative choices not only with respect to clean technologies but to policy and institutional changes. The underlying promotional strategy is that replication should be commercially and market-driven and, when necessary, through the building of public-private partnerships and policy support. CEA focuses on energy-related issues promoting green technologies and end-use efficiency programs that reduce the use of primary energy resources and carbon intensities of industries.

Panjalingam Pillay - Waste-to-Energy EPC Consultant

Mr. Pillay a professional engineer with a number of projects in renewable energy and infrastructure for the shipping industry. Panj is the Chief Executive Officer of Meridien Utilities SDN BHD, Malaysia, which under his direction and financing has completed the construction of two 100 million BTU EnvirOcycler GTO waste-to-energy units in late 2009 and which are currently in operation in Malaysia at a palm oil plantation near Kuala Lumpur. As AET's preferred EPC contractor for constructing EnvirOcycler projects, he provides oversight in the engineering, procurement and construction of the waste-to-energy projects.

Alberto P. Jimenez, Jr. - Environmental Consultant

Mr. Jimenez currently serves as Public Services Officer IV for the government of the city of Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines. Alberto is in charge of the Puerto Princesa Sanitary Landfill as the Pollution Control Officer and he sits on the city's solid waste management board as a sanitary engineer.

Alberto also is President of SCIE SEA Environmental Consultancy which prepares environmental impact statements and initial environmental examination reports.

Alberto will oversee all aspects of environmental, zoning and permitting issues of the feasibility study and construction of the wind and waste to energy project. He will also supervise construction and maintenance of the sanitation portion of this project.

Douglas Peterson- Biofuels

Both an entrepreneur and senior executive with global automotive and aerospace technology company and a technologist on future vehicle programs. He has developed and sold tehcnology companies for over a $100m. Successfully developed and deployed bioenergy projects across India and Africa.

Dr MVR Prasad- Biofuels

Pre-eminent agricultural scientist in oilseed plant genetics and breeding. Expert in agronomy of semi-ard lands of Asia, Africa, South & Central America. Advisor to the World Bank, Acrican Development Bank, and Inter American Institute for Cooperation in Agriculture. Over 40 years of experience in oil seed research and development.

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Real socio-economic sustainability starts with a strengthened community
HPEG implements the development of projects that create jobs and services, provide renewable energy and strengthen local economies holistically using existing resources in socio-economically challenged communities.

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