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The Hawaii Pacific Energy Group (HPEG) has formed partnerships with a number of leading renewable energy technologies providers involved in wind, solar (PV), hydroelectric and waste-to-energy technologies to provide the best possible and rapid service to clients in the Philippines, Asia, Central America, and throughout the Pacific islands.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Hawaii Pacific Energy Group embraces its social responsibilities and strives to contribute to the continuous development of the communities in which it lives and works. HPEG seeks to operate in an economic, social and environmentally sustainable manner, which is why it has chosen to promote and implement renewable energy projects. HPEG recognizes the value of strong relationships with beneficiary communities and in incorporating CSR practices into its operations because operating responsibly also plays an important role in promoting the Company's values domestically and internationally and contributes to the sustainable development of communities. HPEG works internationally to respect all applicable laws and international standards, to operate transparently and in consultation with host governments and local communities, and to conduct its activities in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. It seeks to work with NGOs, civil society groups, foreign governments at all levels and communities, as well as other stakeholders to foster and promote CSR. An important aspect of HPEG's activities is to support a host community's capacity-building initiatives related to human and natural resource governance and for these communities to benefit from these resources and HPEG's projects to reduce poverty.

Waste-to-Energy Technology
(Access Energy Technologies)

The Hawaii Pacific Energy Group is working together with Access Energy Technologies Ltd. (AET) of Vancouver, Canada to advance its primary waste-to-energy technology, the EnvirOcycler. The EnvirOcycler is a patented gasifier/thermo-oxidizer that converts municipal solid waste to heat and electricity. AET holds the world-wide rights to the EnvirOcycler and operates exclusively to issue sub-distribution licenses, enter into joint-venture projects, and/or market the EnvirOcycler technology independently. In addition, AET also has rights and markets other technologies that conserve energy, develop renewable energy sources and reduce a country's independence on imported fossil fuels.

AET operates on the assumption that societies and societal groupings do not easily change behavioural patterns. AET's technologies and operations, within that framework, must fit into existing paradigms. The EnvirOcyler can produce power competitively and with higher efficiences compared to other gasifier technologies. The EnvirOcycler allows municipalities and wastewater treatment facilities to convert municipal solid waste and sludge into heat, electricity and dry ash with a positive economic return. By converting waste streams into energy, AET can substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the pollution and other environmental impacts associated with landfill operations.

Relationships in hand

Corporate social responsibility leads to a community's socio-economic sustainability
HPEG embraces its social responsibilities and strives to contribute to the continuous development of the communities in which it lives and works. by operating in an economic, social and environmentally sustainable manner..

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