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Air Quality Assessments

The Hawaii Pacific Energy Group
(HPEG) will arrange to carry out a complete range of air quality assessments as part of the process to develop renewable and alternative energy projects, particularly where there might be concerns regarding the impact of emissions from the application of its waste-to-energy technology.

HPEG is committed to providing the best possible application of its renewable and alternative energy technologies and to minimize any impacts from the implementation of its client's energy projects.

As part of this process, air quality assessments are often required prior to environmental impact assessments and subsequent environmental or health department permitting, without which the implementation of a project cannot proceed.

Air quality evaluations can be carried out for the purpose of determining baseline conditions for the purpose of estimating an impact of a proposed project, quantifying the impact of emissions of criteria pollutants associated with a project, and evaluating the pre-implementation and post-commissioning net increase or decrease against applicable relevant air quality standards.

The evaluations comprise the characterization of the baseline environmental setting, quantification of the construction and operational air emissions, estimation of the specific environmental impacts of a project from the current baseline and identification of appropriate mitigation measures, which can invlude control technologies and mitigation monitoring.

Local air quality levels are compared to the respective jurisdictional, state, provincial or national ambient air quality standards.

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