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Construction Management

The Hawaii Pacific Energy Group
(HPEG) provides complete construction managment services in combination with its engineering and procurement services. Furthermore, depending on the client's requirements, HPEG can undertake to complete projects on a turnkey basis in partnership with a construction sub-contractor, EPC contractor or on a PPP basis with the local government and an investment/finance group.

HPEG has the ability to:

  • Plan the overall construction process including labor, equipment and materials requirements as well as reporting,
  • Construction progress monitoring and reporting,
  • Provide a construction quality control and management program for conformance with specification,
  • Management of subcontracts,
  • Management and coordination of materials and equipment procurement to support timely construction,
  • Monitoring and overseeing labor productivity improvement programs,
  • Organizing and managing the construction process to support early start-up, pre-operations, testing and commissioning,
  • Scheduling and cost controls during the construction process, and
  • Implementing an effective on-site health and safety program.

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Real socio-economic sustainability starts with a strengthened community
HPEG implements the development of projects that create jobs and services, provide renewable energy and strengthen local economies holistically using existing resources in socio-economically challenged communities.

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