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Environmental Permitting

The Hawaii Pacific Energy Group
(HPEG) provides a complete suite of consulting services in environmental permitting and reporting for developing and operating renewable and alternative energy projects in the wind, solar, hydro-electric and waste-to-energy technology sectors.

HPEG is committed to providing the best possible services to its clients and assist in the often required environmental permitting and reporting before project implementation can start and after project commissioning and subsequent operation during its lifecycle.

HPEG provides environmental permitting and reporting services for all private industry clients as well as all levels of government. The provided services include special studies related to:

  • Air quality,
  • Water resources and water quality,
  • All aspects of limnological studies,
  • Biological and cultural resources including archeological assessments,
  • Engineering,
  • Social issues,
  • Economic issues,
  • All levels of stakeholder involvement,
  • Environmental impact assessments, and
  • Preparation of regulatory documents for permitting and reporting.
We work closely with clients to procure discretionary permits for land use, water use, airshed concerns and air emissions.

The scope of HPEG's involvement related to project implementation extends from simple regulatory consultation to complete implementation, which includes:
  • site selection assistance,
  • permitting strategies,
  • design consultation,
  • documentation,
  • permit application and acquisition;
  • impact prevention startegies during project construction,
  • Post-construction monitoring, evaluation and reporting.
Depending on the specific requirements of a project , HPEG's involvement includes coordination with national and local planning authorities, stakeholder consultations, building and safety agencies, regulatory bodies, and agencies responsible for waste treatment and disposal.

Initiation of early contact and dialogue with all project stakeholders, local communities and government agencies is wise as it creates a sense of goodwill and local cooperation from the outset of a project's implementation. Starting with preliminary information, data and relevant agency and regulatory standards, the required permitting process is started promptly so that timely feedback can be obtained.

Expediting a project's permitting activity has positive impacts in terms of project costs and scheduling. Initiation of permitting activities involves issues such as:
  • Environmental impact assessments,
  • Social impact assessments,
  • Land use permits,
  • Conditional use permits,
  • Zoning variances,
  • Authority to Construct permits, and
  • Operating permits.

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Real socio-economic sustainability starts with a strengthened community
HPEG implements the development of projects that create jobs and services, provide renewable energy and strengthen local economies holistically using existing resources in socio-economically challenged communities.

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